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JORDAN FROGMAN DIVING CENTER, the first Dive Centre in Aqaba offers UW Communication, was set up in 1998 by Mansour H. Shamaileh to provide safe & exhilarating diving services. We offer daily diving trips and dive courses from beginner to advanced levels and teach in English and Arabic. Our team of divers are highly trained and experienced dive professionals with years of teaching experience anticipating diver needs. With a commitment to only the best scuba safety and communications equipment, we operate to the highest international standards. All our divers are oxygen providers and trained in first aid.
Groups are kept deliberately small to ensure a truly personalised course. Teaching takes place in our air conditioned classroom using the most up-to-date training methods and educational materials available.

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  Discover Scuba Diving

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Discover Snorkelling & Skin Diving
Plunge into the underwater world!!!!! Explore the coral reefs and marine life and check out what you've seen on the Discovery channel. A PADI Professional will teach you the proper techniques for snorkelling and/or skin diving and then you're free to try on your own under their supervision. Once your confidence develops you'll be shooting off and making your own discoveries. An excellent introduction to underwater life, and something suprisingly few people do properly: this is often the way most divers begin their aqua adventures.

Discover Scuba
Aquanauts ahoy, this is your opportunity to try it for yourself and fly underwater completely weightless in this Scuba program. No experience necessary and you don't even need to be able to swim!!!
After a short briefing about safety aspects and a few easy skills, you will be able to make your dream come true and dive underwater with full Scuba gear under the supervision of a fully qualified and experienced PADI Diving Instructor.

Discover Scuba Diving
Always looking at the Discovery channel and wondering how it would be to breathe underwater and feel weightless???  Then join us now at Jordan Frogman Diving Centre for the adventure of a lifetime with our Discover Scuba Diving Program and try diving today!!
No experience necessary, this one day introductory program lets you dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres under the supervision of a fully qualified and experienced PADI Diving Instructor. The course includes an introduction to dive theory, a confined water session and one dive. After you've tried it, we know you're going to want to continue so Jordan Frogman Diving Centre will count what you've learned on this experience towards your Open Water Certification. Every breath you take, every move you make, we'll be watching you.

The PADI Bubblemakers program for children aged 8+ is an introduction to Scuba diving in the safe, relaxing and enjoyable environment of a swimming pool or sheltered water, supervised in water by an experienced and insured PADI Instructor. This 1-2 hour session introduces your children to the underwater world and gives them the opportunity to experience weightlessness and breathing underwater with the emphasis on having FUN!!!
There is a briefing about aspects of scuba given by a professional PADI Instructor & there are some easy skills to learn, then your children have the opportunity to swim around the pool in full scuba gear. This flexible program can also be used for childrens' parties or the whole family can come and give it a try. After they have tried it, most children want to continue with Scuba & they can do this by joining our PADI Seal Team program or if they are 10+ they may consider doing their Open Water Course, leading to an internationally recognised diving qualification.


Open Water Course
PADI Open Water Diver is the most popular diver program in the world and your ticket to a lifetime of adventure.
Virtually anyone in reasonable health can learn to scuba dive and participants as young as 10 can complete the course and receive a junior credential. At Jordan Frogman Diving Centre we are able to tailor the course to fit your schedule and in just 4 days you can become a fully certified Diver!!
You will learn about scuba fundamentals, equipment and techniques, plus 5 confined water sessions and 4 open water dives at our best dive locations. On completion of the Open Water course, you will receive a permanent diving certification card valid anywhere in the world enabling you to rent gear and go diving and you can apply the skills you learned to more advanced dive programs.

Advanced Open Water Course
Broaden your experience, increase your confidence and take your diving to new levels of excitement. Learn more advanced techniques in a variety of diving environments with Jordan Frogman Diving Centre. With a minimum amount of time spent on study, this is a get wet and wild experience. The Advanced course is made up of 5 adventure dives; you will do a Deep dive to 30 metres and learn new underwater Navigational skills. You can also choose any 3 from the following elective dives: Night - Multi-level AWARE Fish ID - Peak Performance Buoyancy - Underwater Naturalist Boat or Drift

Medic First Aid Course
For divers and non-divers alike, reach out a helping hand with this industry standard first aid course for non-diving and diving related emergencies. No experience necessary. A pre-requisite for the PADI Rescue Course, the Medic First Aid course takes 1 day and is taught in a relaxing way to maximise your learning. You will practice CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and other valuable skills that can be applied in every day life. The course is conducted using video and written materials and at Jordan Frogman Diving Centre an experienced MFA Instructor will demonstrate the skills on a manikin then the emphasis is on practice by the individual under the direct supervision of the MFA Instructor. MFA is a fun and interesting course where you learn life-saving skills. You can make the difference.

Rescue Diver
How do you take a subject like accident prevention and management and make it fun? Call it the PADI Rescue Diver program!!! Described by many who have participated as the most rewarding dive course they have taken, PADI Rescue Diver is informative, challenging, but most of!!!
Prevention is the key to safe diving and until now the emphasis of your training has been on safe diving practices.
At Jordan Frogman Diving Centre, become a more confident diver by learning techniques on how to handle underwater and surface emergency situations should they occur. You will practice 12 different rescue skills over 4 days and apply them to rescue scenarios, simulating what would happen in the unlikely event of a real diving accident. Make no mistake, what you learn here can really make the difference.

Divemaster Course
Undoubtedly one of the most rewarding programs on offer in the dive industry and the first step on the professional ladder. Experience the challenge and adventure of the PADI Divemaster course at Jordan Frogman Diving Centre. The minimum age is 18 and the course can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on your experience, time constraints, budget and preferences. You must have proof of at least 20 logged dives to start the course and 60 on completion. As with all levels of training, we have developed options for you to complete your program. Whichever you choose, this unique opportunity to see behind the scenes and work with an experienced Instructor in our Dive Centre should not be missed. This is probably the biggest step you will take in diver education and we treat the course accordingly. The emphasis is on attitude and a willingness to learn and help others learn.

Our PADI Specialty courses:
These programs focus on special diving activities. A wealth of acquired knowledge and skills shared with your Specialty instructor will enhance your enjoyment and confidence in your chosen specialty. Remember that all dives completed during your Advanced Open Water Diver course count towards a Specialty Diver rating. As an Advanced Diver some specialty ratings can be earned with only one dive more. Pre – requisites vary from having completed the PADI Open water course, Adventure Diver Course or Advanced Open Water Course depending on the Speciality. Please ask us for more details.
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